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Diginet  software development

Business and Industrial Server,

Web and Control Systems

Diginet develops software for a wide range of target systems based on agile methods and TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, C, C++. Also legacy Delphi and industrial IEC/PLC.

• Linux, Windows and embedded controllers/IPC
• NodeJS servers and React web apps
• Distributed access using our Object-RPC ds-nodes
• Fast data storage in MongoDB and Azure Cosmos DB

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Recent Projects


2018 November

Site monitoring server and web solution with distributed data collection units. Built with Diginet networking library, NodeJS/ TypeScript server and collection units plus responsive React/TypeScript web application for desktop/mobile clients.

2018 August

Web solution development for Enera International AB.

2018 March

RPC networking library for distributed systems scaling to 10000+ units.

2017 September

Airport de-icing load system for Skavsta airport.

2017 August

Product development - object recognition controller with central server and app solution.

2017 June

Tank control system for ODEC Södertälje.

2017 May

Web server call-out system optimizations for Enera International AB.

2016 December

Product development - integrated control system designer tools.

2016 November

OPC solution for Enera International AB.

2016 October

Tank control system for ODEC Södertälje.

2015 August

Flow meter system for BRP bunker ship.

2015 June

Container tank system for Tromsö airport in Norway.

2014 December

Container tank system for Malmö in Sweden with web and phone interface. Load/unload database with server interface.

2014 June

Container tank system for Kristiansund in Norway with web and phone interface.

2013 December

Tank terminal in Södertälje. Tank safety, monitoring and load/unload handling.

2013 April

Tank terminal in Helsingborg. Monitoring and load/unload handling using Beckhoff IPC, touch display and web interface.

2013 March

Touch display information system for trains at NSB Norway using Beckhoff devices

2013 Februari

OPC Gateway for LIMAB laser measurement system

2012 November

LIMAB laser measurement system, production system software upgrade

2012 April

Diginet Connect - Industrial mobile and web interface access system

2012 Februari

Aerochem, Aircraft Deicing, Tank Park & Blending system

2011 October

Pallas, Oil Tanker Blending system

2011 June

New process plant for de-icing fluids, Diginet Control System

Pharmaceutical, Diginet OPC Server

2011 May

New built ship, Diginet Control System

Ship installation, Tank Meter System

2011 April

IKEA Västerås opens new store, Diginet Configuration System for damper installation

2011 March

Univar Göteborg, new lubrication oil tank depot using Diginet Control System and OPC/Modbus solution

2011 Februari

OPC Client for Android


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Energy optimizing controllers for

ALMACO Marine Provision Stores

 Production and tank farm for Aerochem

Aircraft de-icing

Lubrication Oil Tank Depot for Univar

Inline Blending MT Pallas

Diginet Connect

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